First Responders Give A Birthday Surprise

EATON RAPIDS, Mich, (WILX) -- It's a big day for one 16-year-old handicapped boy from Eaton Rapids.


The Police, Fire Department and EMS were all ready to bring his birthday surprise to his front door.

Normally when you hear the sound of sirens you might think that someone is hurt or in trouble, but Chance feels a little differently when he hears the sirens.

The Eaton Rapids Community got together on Chance's 16th birthday to give him a big birthday surprise.

Chance's parents Patrick and Stephanie Collins said they came up with the idea, "Basically, we came up with the idea to get Chance a gift because it's very hard to buy handicap children gifts.

(We) contacted our friends and everybody we knew and tried to get the fire department out here because Chance just absolutely loves cops on TV anything to do with that.

We just wanted to put a huge smile on his face."

Even though this was Chance's birthday party It was a pretty important day for Police, EMS and Fireman too.

Hamlin Township Deputy Chief, Francis Dhuyvetter said, "It's probably one of the best parts of our job to be able to interact with the public.

These are the people we serve.

A lot of the times we get to see them in not so happy circumstances, and this is a circumstance where we can interact in a positive way and it's important to us."

"If we can put a smile on someones face by showing them an ambulance or a fire truck, we're here to help the community in any way we can, so we're glad to be here," said Alexis Budd from the Eaton Area EMS.

The goal for today was to give Chance a surprise for his birthday and they achieved that.