Firefighters risk their lives to save little girl in Jackson fire

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JACKSON, Mich. (WILX)-- Crews from four departments in Jackson County helped six people escape a fire Friday morning. While they were able to get five people out quickly, a 9 year-old girl was trapped inside.

"She was found in her bedroom, we immediately mandated the interior attack, knocked the fire down, and extended into the upstairs where she was found in the front area of her bedroom," Jackson Fire Deputy Chief David Wooden said.

It took three firefighters to go inside to get her. She was immediately sent to the hospital to be treated for serious burns.

"They encountered a great deal of heat when they got into the upstairs because there was a lot of fire on the first floor," he added.

Everyone inside had some sort of injury.

"The 27 year-old sustained a fractured arm and there was another younger female, I believe a 16 year-old that had a fractured leg, and the other children in the home had some burns," Elmer Hitt, Director of Jackson Police said.

Greg Mackiner lives next door, and tried to help in anyway he could by encouraging the young girl to jump.

"She was trying to get out of it, and every time she'd get herself to jump out, the flames pushed her back in," Mackiner said.

Fire Deputy Chief Wooden said there are multiple factors to consider when going inside for rescue.

"Whether we can do it safely is predicted based on the amount of fire we've experienced, how quickly we can knock it down, the stability of the structure we're going into... there's so many factors that go into that decision," Wooden said.