Firefighters rescue dog, yes a dog, barking up the wrong tree

A dog got stuck in a tree chasing after a squirrel in Colorado. Firefighters came to the rescue.
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FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - Kayla Champion and her family recently moved to Fountain with her husband stationed at Fort Carson.

Making the move with them was their 2-year-old pup, Lily.

A dog got stuck in a tree chasing after a squirrel in Colorado.

Recently, Kayla let Lily out to enjoy their new backyard and the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.

When Kayla took a quick look outside, she had to do a double-take!

Lily was more than 20 feet above the ground, nervously balancing on the branch of a tree!

Kayla said Lily had scaled the trunk of the tree in pursuit of a squirrel.

"She just climbed it all the way out there and couldn't turn her little fat butt around," Kayla exclaimed.

Lily was stuck.

Kayla wasn't sure who to call but turned to her local fire department.

"I told them, 'My dog is stuck in the tree,'" Kayla explained.

"They were like, 'We thought this was a joke, but we still have to come to calls.'"

It wasn't a joke, but the firefighters and Kayla couldn't help but laugh.

Crews responded immediately and worked efficiently with a ladder.

Some of the firefighters took pictures and videos of their own.

A firefighter was able to get Lily by the collar and safely return her to the ground.

Lily hasn't stopped her habit of climbing the tree, but Kayla's husband has figured out how to handle it himself without the need for firefighters!

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