Update: Firefighters respond to a fryer fire at Horrocks

Friday (Feb. 26, 2020) morning firefighters in Delta Township responded to a fire at Horrocks Farm Market.
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DELTA TOWNSHIP, MI (WILX) - Delta Township's Fire Department responded to a call at Horrocks Farm Market on Wednesday morning at 5:17 a.m.

The fire department said that a small grease fire started in the fryer unit. The fire was small enough that it didn't activate any emergency sensors and nobody was injured.

While two Delta Township firetrucks responded to Horrocks Farm Market, the fire was simply put out by firefighters with two fire extinguishers and did not require any water hoses to be used. There was no significant damage to the building or the fryer.

Horrocks Farm Market is open for business Wednesday, with exception to the deli area where they serve their lunch bar, according to the fire department. That area could be reopened later today, after a Health Department inspection.

Horrocks Farm Market is located on West Saginaw Highway.

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