Parents having a tough time finding Fingerlings, stores cannot keep the hot toy in stock

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Move over Hatchimals- Fingerlings are the one of the hottest toys this season.

The mini robotic baby monkeys from WowWee cling to the finger, and hang by their tails. They react to sound, motion, and touch through sensors on their heads. If the head is stroked, they fingerlings make cooing sounds, and will blow kisses. The mini monkeys also sing and shake their heads.

At around $10 for a fingerling, the baby animals are pretty popular and stores cannot keep them in stock. While some retailers expect to get in shipments before Christmas, its not guaranteed.

"Every retailer has got their fingers crossed that the items they selected are the ones that will be chosen by the consumers," said James Dion, president and founder of retail consulting firm Dionco Inc. He told TODAY Parents, "For every one of these items that make it, there are two or three hundred others that don't and are sitting in a warehouse somewhere."

It is still November, so parents still have a few weeks to hunt for the coveted toy.