Fights break out during Delta Township celebration of the Fourth

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DELTA TOWNSHIP, MI (WILX) Multiple fights broke out at the Delta Township firework show Wednesday night.

Fights broke out at Delta Township's Fourth of July Celebration

The event was supposed to be family friendly fireworks.

One local family, the Olsons, says the fights put a damper on an event they've been waiting for all year.

Todd Olson says, "It was supposed to be a fun night. And that was not a fun night. It was scary at some points."

Olson and his family say they have been to the fireworks at Sharp Park for over fifteen years.

However, he described Wednesday night's scene as pure mayhem.

Olson added, "Seems like every year it gets worse and worse. I just don't understand why these kids have to do that."

He says he is not bothered by the fights, but Olson is worried for the safety of families and that included his own.

"I had my disabled mother with me," stated Olson. "She hadn't seen the fireworks in years. We had to actually push her up towards the vehicle and shelter her from all these kids."

Olson adds while the fights and mobs won't deter him from bringing his family to the fireworks next year, they might find a different place to watch.

"When you have mobs and fight breaking out constantly, that's not fun," says Olson.

The Olsons believe that there were over sixty police officers on scene for the fireworks.

Eaton County officials tell us they received nine calls about fights, and made seven to nine arrests.

The Olsons also told News 10 that there were close to fifty kids fighting, ranging from eight to eighteen years old.

We will will keep you updated on this story as we learn more.

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