Fight erupts at Jackson County fair, 1 arrested

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JACKSON COUNTY, MI (WILX) -- You can expect to see extra security at the Jackson County fair Thursday night after a fight broke out.

Police and the fair manager say they're taking precautions because of the fight, which broke out Wednesday night.

Police tell News 10 the situation was handled fairly quickly.

"The disturbance involving some young adults and young juveniles turning into...a fight around the Ferris wheel area, luckily our deputies responded to the area pretty quickly," Deputy Ben Roe, of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, said.

The deputy said a couple of people involved in the fight were arrested and there will be extra patrols Thursday night.

"Tonight and the rest of the time at the fair we are taking some precautions, we're going to have some extra patrol the the fair area, " Roe said.

There fair manager also said changes will be made.

"You know there should be no reason anyone should worry we have a very large contingency of staff members here that cover the entire ground constantly, we are in radio contact all the time," Denise Owens, fair manager, said.

Jackson Police are trying to find out if a shooting outside the fairgrounds had anything to do with the fight. No one was hurt in the shooting.

A 19-year-old was arrested and will be charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

The fair runs until Saturday.

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