FDA recalls insulin pumps following malfunction death

FDA issues recall for Medtronic Minimed 600 series insulin pumps affecting thousands of patients with Type 1 diabetes. (Source CNN)
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CNN (CNN VAN) The FDA has issued a recall for a popular insulin pump used by thousands of patients with type one diabetes.

The recall applies to certain Medtronic Minimed 600 series insulin pumps.

One patient has died and more than 2000 have been injured by the devices, according to the FDA.

The faulty pumps deliver incorrect insulin dosing which can lead to serious medical complications.

The defect has to do with a retainer ring that doesn't properly lock in the insulin cartridges.

The recall includes about 322,000 devices.

The FDA says they have received more than 26,000 complaints about the Medtronic insulin pumps.

Diabetic patients with the devices are encouraged to call Medtronic or talk to their doctor or pharmacist.

If their device is defective, the company will replace it, but they will need to use insulin injections in the interim.

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