Faster Horses Country Music Festival draws record crowd

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BROOKLYN, MI (WILX) Ask any Faster Horses Country Music Festival fan where the part of the summer is this year, and you will likely find a consensus.

"Faster horses is probably the best thing to come to Michigan, and it's probably the best thing of the summer," Ian Frosheiser said.

"Faster Horses is the biggest party to come to Michigan ever. It beats Jobby Nooner, Raft Off, anything," Brendan Waldowski said. "Faster Horses is the most amazing experience any young person or old person can go through. Ever."

Of course, the best place to be this weekend is right where they are.

"I'm most excited for hanging out with my best friends in the world, and hanging out with everybody here because we're all a big happy country music family, and I love it," Waldowski said emphatically.

That country music family is growing. An organizer says Faster Horses has drawn bigger crowds every year since it started, so this year at Michigan International Speedway is the biggest ever.

That also means there are some rookies at MIS this weekend, and the friendly crowd is happy to offer advice.

"You're going to want to stay hydrated, and you're going to want to keep an open mind, you've got to be friendly to everyone," Waldowski said. "If you're not friendly then you're not welcome here, you know what I'm saying?"

There is a possibility it will rain, but if the weather gets wet, fans don't seem concerned. "It said rain or shine on the website, so we're going to party whether it's raining or it's shining."

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