Family worried about safety of bus stop

School bus stop / Source: MGN/Pixabay
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LANSING, MI (WILX) -- For most families, getting their child to school is as easy as putting them on the bus just steps away from their home, but for one family that process is more complicated and, what they claim, is too dangerous.

Road work in the state of Michigan has always been known to cause a few problems here and there, but for the Straight family it St. Johns, that problem is a little bigger.

"How's he supposed to get to school, how's he supposed to get home? I can't afford to quit my job...I'm our main source of income. If I quit we're screwed," Ashley Straight, whose son can't get picked up for school, said.

Because Straight works, her 3-year-old son Logan takes the bus to and from school every day.

"Due to the construction they can't get down the road to get him," Straight said.

Now, they have to walk Logan over a half-mile every day to get him to the bus because the bus driver now refuses to drive down Walker Road.

"It's unsafe for them to be going down the road, where there's all this construction equipment," Straight said.

Straight said she tried to contact the city for help. City Manager Jon Stoppels said they are doing everything they can.

"My understanding is it's up to the driver's discretion as to whether or not they're going to enter into an area that they feel is either safe or unsafe. While it's unfortunate, it's part of the construction process, it's not always easy," Stoppels said.

Straight says she's worried about the safety of Logan.

"If something happens to my child, do you know how much money it's going to cost you? Someone's going to have to pay his medical bills. If I sue them, who knows how much it'll cost them," Straight said.

Stoppels said the construction is supposed to end Nov. 15 and that they're working with everyone they can to fix the problem.

"We have in every case tried to keep the road open as best we can to accommodate anyone that needs to get down that road, particularly a bus driver, everyone's trying their best to make a difficult situation better," Stoppels said.

The Straights said they don't mind the roadwork, it has to be done sooner or later, they just hope a solution can be found to help keep Logan safe.

Dean of Transportation did reach out and said they are working with the Straight family and will see if they can find a solution.

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