Family turns tragedy into foundation

Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 1:03 PM EDT
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A mid-Michigan family is taking their tragedy and turning it into something positive.

They formed a non-profit after their son was killed three years ago.

The Mikey 23 Foundation is teaming up with a veterans organization to help flip homes that will eventually be for homeless vets.

They were at the boys and girls club in Lansing... Talking about issues they say... Face the area.

Michael mckissic / Mikey 23 foundation founder¤

Takes a village to raise a child so what we trying to do is how can we stop the violence how can we stop the suicides how can we stop the drug overdoses and things of that nature as a community

And I try to let them know if they have any confrontation with anyone learn have to talk

The organization says... It's trained more than three dozen youth... In various building trades... To help reconstruct those homes for vets.