FEMA prepares to mobilize for Hurricane Dorian's landfall in Florida

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- As Floridians prepare for Hurricane Dorian to make landfall over Labor Day Weekend, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is also getting ready to provide aid before, during and after the storm.

FEMA's David Bibo discusses emergency preparedness ahead of Hurricane Dorian. (Source: Gray DC)

David Bibo, the Deputy Associate Administrator for Response and Recovery, provides insight into FEMA's preparation for the storm and tips for those preparing to be hit. Those in the line of Dorian are encouraged to download the FEMA app to see emergency readiness tips and how to apply for FEMA aid in the case of damage, Bibo said.

Hurricane Dorian is expected to be a Category 3 or 4 storm by the time it hits the Southeast.

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