Executive order outlines pot event regulations

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) - The City of Lansing now has new rules for temporary marijuana events.

Mayor Andy Schor put the new rules in an executive order, because a recent marijuana ordinance left them out.

Marijuana activist groups tell News 10 Lansing's regulations are to help keep everyone safe.

"We've seen over the years several of these events operate unregulated. We can do much better than that," said Michigan Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Robin Schneider.

This summer is the first festival season where recreational pot is legal in Michigan.

Mayor Andy Schor signed an executive order Friday outlining rules for those events in Lansing.

"I view Mayor Schor's actions as being responsible. We don't want events popping up in a community that is unlicensed and unregulated," said Schneider.

The order requires organizers to first get a permit from the state and prove a security plan in its special event permit application.

"It's incredibly important to make sure those event organizers have been approved and have an actual license from the state of Michigan in order to host those events," Schneider said.

Lansing Police and the Lansing Parks Department will review the application.

The departments involved will offer recommendations to the mayor who will have the final say.

"For the one day permit, it's not prohibited but we don't have any regulations so we'll count on the state for their regulations and I'll review and see what makes sense, if it's geographically, you know if it's in a neighborhood, if it's in park, you know where it is and make a determination based on those factors," Schor said.

Schneider said these rules are important for everyone.

"We want people, just like you see at a beer fest, we want people to have a place to convene, socialize and maybe listen to a concert. We want to make sure all of the appropriate rules and regulations are being followed." said Schneider.

Organizers for the "420 Cannabis Festival" planned for downtown told News 10 in January they were encouraging people to not smoke marijuana during the festival.

A city spokeswoman said an application for the "420 Cannabis Festival" at Adado Riverfront park has been approved.

The spokeswoman told News 10 festival organizers didn't apply for a state permit, so pot won't be allowed at the festival.

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