Event to support refugees held at local church

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - World Refugee Awareness Week is June 15 - 21.

Local event supports refugees. (Source WILX)

St. Vincent Catholic Charities showed their support for refugees in the Lansing area by hosting a Peace Pole Event on Wednesday.

Andrea Seyka, CEO, STVCC; Izabela Wackowski, Ingham County Health Department; Ben Cabanaw, State Refugee Coordinator; Anne Scott, Executive Director, Ingham Community Health Centers; Linda Vail, Health Officer, Ingham County Health Department; Judi Harris, Refugee Services Director, STVCC all took part.

The pole has a phrase on it that reads - "may peace prevail on earth" written in 8 different languages.

They say they unveiled the Peace Pole "to represent a spirit of unity for immigrants, refugees and U.S. born community members."

"Refguees, there's so many misconceptions," said Judi Harris, Director of Refugee Services at St. Vincent Catholic Charities. "Refugees actually do great things here. They come here, they help with jobs, they help the economy here, they help with our community, keeping schools open. Tthey're working hard, they're paying taxes and they're keeping us going."

Saint Vincent's has resettled more than 17,000 refugees since the 1970's and is the leading refugee resettlement agency in Lansing.

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