Streets are open as water is receding in Lansing

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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - The city is seeing improvements in the flooding situation.

Lansing remains under a state of emergency however, all three rivers surrounding the city have begun to recede.

And the barrier at Kalamazoo Street and US-127 has been removed, and all major streets are now open.

Pennsylvania Avenue at the Potter Park Zoo has also been cleaned up and is open.

The city will remain in a state of emergency until all areas can be assessed for damages.

"The way the City of Lansing responded to this flood highlights our preparedness and readiness to handle emergency situations," said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor. "City employees, our Emergency Management team, first responders, community partners, and citizens worked together at every stage of the way in a collaborative effort."

Residents should still stay away from flood waters because it is still fast moving and you don't know what kind of debris is hiding in it.

Also, the shelter at Letts Community Center will be closed in 24-hours since it is no longer needed.