Spooky estate sale offers a casket and much more

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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- If you haven't already, you might be planning to put your Halloween decorations out soon.

A house in Lansing is the place to be for a spooky estate sale.

And, if you're looking for some new décor, a certain estate sale this weekend might have what you want.

A house on Seymour Avenue in Lansing has vintage, unique, and just plain creepy items inside.

"We were kind of excited to get it,” said Jamie Hanks, of Kavanagh-Hanks & Associates. “It's that time of the year when people are looking for (scary) things, and not only that, but it allows us to get into a house that we're normally not in.”

Hanks and Joe Kavanagh have worked together for ten years and have both been in the Estate Liquidation industry for about 30.

"We get into a little bit of everything, from NASCAR lovers to doll collectors, coin collectors, you name it, we've touched it, or looked at in some way or another,” said Hanks.

The items at 815 Seymour are just a bit creepier than they're used to.

"This collector had a lot of Halloween,” Hanks said. “Movies, toys, dolls, costumes; just a little bit of everything to kind of bring you into the spirit of Halloween.”

They say if this spooky stockpile isn't enough to scare you, a vintage casket might do the trick.

"When you've got a Halloween house, you've got to have one of these,” said Joe Kavanagh. "You don't see these in a house usually, so they're kind of fun to have in a sale."

"We were kind of shocked to see that when we came in, a 1950s coffin in the basement?" said Hanks.

Even the house isn't the most welcoming, with a scary structure and writing on the walls.

"The walls have some creepy stuff on them...I mean, this is kind of creepy in here," said Kavanagh.

But it's the perfect property for a spine-chilling sale.

"Having this much Halloween was fun," said Hanks, "and what a perfect time to have it…on Friday the 13th."

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