Energy efficient appliances is the way to go

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New appliances can cost a small fortune, but you can get some of that money back if you buy energy-efficient washers, dryers, etc...

The board of water and light, consumers energy, and DTE offer rebates for everything from a programmable thermostat to new windows.

In some cases you can save hundreds of dollars. You need to have proof including model, price and serial numbers to get the rebate.

We talked with a financial planner who suggests you do this before buying anything.

"I'd either call Consumers or the Board of Water and Light in and have them do a study on your home because to be honest with you they'll give you some of those things for free when they do that and the study is free and they'll tell you where to put your money to get the best benefit," said Ted Feight a certified financial planner.

The BWL, consumers energy and DTE all have web sites listing the rebates and the rules.