Emergent BioSolutions announces partnership to develop coronavirus vaccine

Emergent Biosolutions makes an anthrax vaccine in Lansing.
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GAITHERSBURG, MD. (WILX) - Emergent BioSolutions is now working with Novavax to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus.

News 10 reported Monday, the company with a facility in Lansing told the federal government it was capable of handling a vaccine.

"For 21 years our mission has been to protect and enhance life. We do that by partnering with the U.S. government and allied nations. Our focus has been on public health threats and emerging infectious diseases," said Dino Muzzin, Emergent BioSolutions Senior Vice President of Manufacturing.

In 1998, the company created an anthrax vaccine at its Lansing facility, where it is still made today.

In the agreement, Emergent will produce an experimental vaccine based on Novavax's formula.

"Our vast experience working with the U.S. government, with our focus on vaccine development and product development, we are well situated to work with the U.S. Government," Muzzin said.

Muzzin said it normally could take 10 to 15 years do develop a vaccine, however, he expects one sooner for the coronavirus.

It is expected to be in clinical trials within the next four months.

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