El-Sayed, first Dem to file petitions, says he is eligible

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Democrat Abdul El-Sayed has submitted his nominating petitions to the state, a step that could lead to clarity over whether he's eligible to run for governor.

The former Detroit health chief became the first Democratic candidate to file Tuesday before April's deadline. He's among four main Democrats vying to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

Questions have been raised because El-Sayed, who spent much of his childhood in Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan, later lived and voted in New York before returning to Michigan in 2015.

Michigan's constitution requires gubernatorial candidates to have been a registered voter for four years before the election.

They also must be a "qualified elector," and that may be in question due to El-Sayed's past out-of-state residency.

El-Sayed says he's eligible.