Eggs delivered in mass quanity and for less this holiday

Just a dozen of the roughly 240 million that will be sold during the Easter holiday in the U.S., according the American Egg Board. (Source: Michigan Farm Bureau)
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LANSING, MI (WILX) - Got your eggs for Easter and Passover?

You could thank the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB) for that because they purposely distributed an "egg-celent" supply and lowered prices just in time for the egg-liscious holiday.

The USDA says "a quarter billion dozen eggs will be purchased during the holiday weekend, to be dyed for baskets, rolls and hunts."

The MFB said that Michigan egg producers provide a $625 million economic impact in the state.

And thanks to egg supplies outpacing demand, you'll be getting the eggs for less.

“Egg prices are normally subject to some seasonality, with the market often experiencing some level of price increase in the weeks leading up to Easter, but not this year,” Birchmeier said. “March 2019 wholesale egg prices averaged 93.02 cents per dozen — a decline of 56 percent from 2018. Prices declined even further in April to 79.47 cents per dozen.”

Birchmeier added that Michigan’s family-owned and operated egg farms care for more than 15 million hens on 17 farms which provide each Michigander with 23 dozen eggs per year.

“The chickens did their part……now it’s time for the Easter Bunny to deliver the goods,” said Birchmeier.

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