Efforts underway to add rating systems to apps

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 3:53 AM EDT
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Parents may be able to put controls on their child’s social media apps, but they don’t stop inappropriate content from showing up.

Now, a Michigan coalition of digital safety advocates is trying to prevent that.

Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat are currently rated ages 12 and up in the iPhone App store.

The apps try to monitor content and remove inappropriate content, but the coalition is pushing to take it a step further, by pushing for the creation of an independent review board to rate social apps-just like what’s done for movies and video games.

The apps currently rate themselves.

The founder of a Michigan based nonprofit says what’s in place right now isn’t working.

“Apps used by millions and millions of teens have no independent rating agency associated with them,” said Chris McKenna of Protect Young Eyes.

Groups pushing for those independent ratings recommend SnapChat, Instragram and Facebook have a 17 and older rating. They say they’re not looking to censor or block kids from using social media, but they just want parents to have clear and accurate information.

They add, that won’t happen with apps rating themselves.