Eastern Michigan University previews college to 9th-graders

Source: MGN
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YSPILANTI, Mich. (AP) - Eastern Michigan University is giving ninth-graders a taste of what it's like to take classes on a college campus.

The Ann Arbor News reports that nearly 30 high school freshmen make up the new Ninth-Grade Academy, offered as part of the university's Early College Alliance program.

Students in the academy take high school-level classes on campus. They'll then join the existing three-year alliance program as 10th-graders.

The Early College Alliance has given high school upperclassmen from Washtenaw County and neighboring counties the opportunity to earn 60 free college credits while they complete their high school diplomas.

The program has existed for the past decade.

Education officials say the transition from high school to the ECA program can prove difficult, so the Ninth-Grade Academy aims to address that.