East Lansing's parking ban is postponed

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EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) - East Lansing has postponed plans to ban parking on some narrow streets.

East Lansing changing on-street parking

The city anticipated frustration when this proposal was first approved in April.

However, it did not anticipate just *how* frustrated people would be.

The city put the restrictions in place in several narrow streets to make it easier for emergency vehicles to get through.

But that wasn't a good enough reason for some of the people who live on those streets.

Mark Axelrod, an East Lansing, resident said, "There are a number of cars on our street ours included that have single car with driveways. So just to move around which car is going out of the house, we often park our car on the street in order than we don't shift things back and forth right away. I mean we're talking to save 10 minutes, but we're also talking to save carbon emissions frankly."

"People are tying to increase the value of their house and we're concerned that this is going to decrease the value of our home because when people go to buy they're going to say what do you mean we can't park here on the street," stated Carole Hetherington, an East Lansing resident.

There were areas of compromise, East Lansing police said they would allow parking on the street in some cases like events and house work as long as homeowners call ahead and ask.

The city is pushing the new rules to take effect in late July.

This will give the city council time to take another look at the restrictions.

They also apologized for the communication issues with homeowners.

Whenever it takes effect it will be a year-long pilot program.

The second phase will include more streets around the Bailey neighborhood.

The City of East Lansing is taking feedback on this issue.

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