Sparrow patient gets "visit" from family

A patient at Sparrow says he was visited by his family when they held signs outside of his window.
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LANSING, MI. (WILX) -- A patient at Sparrow over the last few days is recovering, but is remembering his time at the hospital fondly.

Ignatius Pido was at Sparrow for 11 days with digestive problems and a bladder infection.

Five days into his visit, the hospital was shut down because of the coronavirus.

"I couldn't get any visitors," Pido said, "and on the sixth day my wife called and told me to come to the window."

From the seventh floor, Pido saw his family across the street holding signs with well-wishes on them

"It was pretty special," he said. "I got teary-eyed and the rest of the stay I just looked at the pictures."

He says the next five days were easier than the five days before, despite him not being around his family.

"I'm always around my grandkids, I watch them a lot during the week," said Pido. "For me not to be around anyone for more than four or five days, I was getting pretty lonely. So it was special. I still get choked up."

This is not the first time Pido's been in the hospital, and not the first time they've all been there for him.

"I had diverticulitis in November and they all showed up to my room."

Pido says his family didn't completely heal him, but their presence did more than help his recovery process.

"The infection is almost gone, so that's the important thing."

Pido tells News 10 he'll have two more surgeries, and that he expects his family to be by his side, figuratively or not.