East Lansing couple stays positive after postponing wedding

EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) - The coronavirus outbreak is impacting major milestones like weddings, forcing couples, like Candyce Hill and Joe Lundeen, to postpone their walk down the aisle.

Candyce and Joe were set to be married at St. Thomas Aquinas in East Lansing just next month, but they have recently had to make the difficult decision to postpone their wedding, knowing that people's health and safety are more important.

"It's been hard, we are getting through," said Candyce, the bride-to-be.

After meeting in 2016 while attending MSU, Candyce and Joe are true 'Spartan'-crossed lovers.

"We went to Hop Cat in East Lansing for our first date and we both showed up with our backpacks because we both had been at group study sessions before that, so is when we knew that this was a good match," said Candyce.

Now engaged four years later, Candyce works as an Academic Advisor for MSU and Joe is finishing up his Ph.D. in physics--both with their eyes set on April 25 to finally walk down the aisle.

A date that was set around Joe's 'walk' for graduation.

"Originally the thought had been we'll get married on April 25th and the following weekend, he will be able to walk in his Ph.D. graduation and then we will start our lives after that," said Candyce. "We will still do that, but there are just some date adjustments here."

Although the couple can laugh now, the realization that they would have to postpone their special day, was heartbreaking.

"There was a lot of internal mourning, first, there is denial, then there is anger, frustration and then it took a little while to get the acceptance," said Joe.

Candyce and Joe, like many couples across the country, have been scrambling to re-plan their wedding, trying to coordinate a new date with their family and vendors.

"There was a lot of anxiety about how we were going to switch everything to a new date," explained Candyce.

But much to the couple's surprise, their Mid-Michigan venues and vendors have all been understanding in the process.

"Our vendors like the Kellogg Center, St. Thomas and Limelight are just thrilled that we wanted to do it in the future and we wanted to still use their businesses," said Joe. "It was pretty easy to get new dates."

As the coronavirus crisis continues to bring uncertainties around the world, one thing for certain is the love Candyce and Joe have for one another.

"Changing the date does not take away the excitement, it only strengths our love, " said Candyce.

"This is also one of the first times we both have been upset about the same thing at the same time and we still love each other," laughed Joe.

The couple has set a new date to walk down the aisle at St. Thomas Aquinas later this summer.

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