East Lansing Public Schools using 3D printers to make N-95 masks

 East Lansing Public Schools is using 3D printers to make N-95 masks.
East Lansing Public Schools is using 3D printers to make N-95 masks. (WILX)
Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 5:10 PM EDT
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People across Mid-Michigan are stepping up and helping health professionals get the medical supplies they need.

the need for donations at Lansing area hospitals Monday.

Wednesday, local schools are making the much needed N-95 masks doctors say help protect those treating people with coronavirus.

The 3-D printers at MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing are going around the clock, making medical masks to help those fighting the coronavirus.

"I had no idea we would be able to produce masks from our 3D printers," said East Lansing Public Schools Superintendent Dori Leyko.

Leyko said she was searching schools for medical supplies to donate, not realizing they could be made in the classrooms.

"It really opens our eyes to maybe what can be done with them and how they're more than just a teaching tool, but what comes out of them is super relevant and useful to the community," she said.

"If the students aren't using it, we have the opportunity to put it into production and do something with it," said ELPS Technology Director Christian Palasty.

The district's 13 3D printers will be running 24 hours a day to make the masks, which takes four to six hours to make.

The masks will be donated to Sparrow Hospital.

Palasty said the masks use materials the school had.

"That filament has a short shelf life. We have the filament," he said.

That filament is going to be free to those who help make masks.

TinkrLAB is spearheading the effort, working with customers and doctors to get the masks made.

"We thought this would be a great opportunity to work in the community and be part of the solution," said Melissa Rabideau, TinkrLAB owner.

The district plans on making masks until the need is over.

Rabideau said Haslett, Okemos and Charlotte schools also plan on printing the masks.

If you have a 3D printer and would like to make a mask,


You can also donate to help cover the cost of the materials


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