Deer population target of East Lansing council meeting

The city's deer population has been an on-going problem for eight years. (WILX 2020)

EAST LANSING, MI (WILX) -- Deer in the city of East Lansing has been an ongoing problem for eight years.

On Monday night, members of the city council said ultimately they want to leave it up to the community to decide a solution to the overpopulation of deer in the city.

"I think the sharpshooter is the way to proceed because the other ways that have been discussed, including eliminating the ability to have more deer, are extraordinarily expensive. This is the least expensive way for us to proceed and frankly, if it was put up for a vote us, I would vote in favor culling the deer at this point in time," said Mark Meadows, city council member.

"I would never vote to cull the deer so I think we have a pretty split council too, so we'll see where that goes," East Lansing Mayor Ruth Bier said.

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