ESPN report accuses MSU Athletic Dept. of covering up sex assaults

Published: Jan. 26, 2018 at 2:59 PM EST
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Sports television giant ESPN

, prior to their "Outside The Lines" special that airs Friday night, stating that "Michigan State secrets extend far beyond Larry Nassar case."

Some would call this report a bombshell. It details several years of misconduct at MSU in regards to protecting the athletic department. They wrote, "University officials have not always been transparent, and often put the school's reputation above the need to give fair treatment to those reporting sexual violence and to the alleged perpetrators."

The article did not just focus on gymnastics or Larry Nassar, but pointed out incidents involving the football and basketball programs as well.

Michigan State's Athletic Director, Mark Hollis, retired Friday, according to ESPN, two days after they asked MSU Spokesman Jason Cody for interviews regarding "Outside The Lines." Cody told ESPN, "Over the past several years, we have dedicated significant new resources to strengthening our efforts to combat sexual violence. Every day, people across campus are working diligently on this critical issue. We acknowledge, however, that we have sometimes fallen short of our goal and the expectations of others. It is clear more needs to be done, and we are using every resource available to get better."

ESPN has even discovered that MSU has not yet sent all of the records that they've asked for.

And multiple well-known athletes have been involved in sexual assault cases that were protected by the university.

For the full article, click on the link provided.

 "An Outside the Lines investigation has found a pattern of widespread denial, inaction and information suppression of such allegations by officials ranging from campus police to the Spartan athletic department, whose top leader, Mark Hollis, announced his retirement on Friday. The actions go well beyond the highly publicized case of former MSU athletic physician Larry Nassar."


Paula Lavigne, ESPN Staff Writer