ELFD trains team on water rescue

Haslett They usually use it to put out fires, but today East Lansing firefighters were on the water for their annual water rescue training.
Once a year the team goes out to Lake Lansing to train on their rescue boat.
They also learn about drowning prevention and rescue procedures.
According to the fire department's captain, anyone can drown in just three feet of water.
"We have plenty of ponds around the city of East Lansing, we have drainage ponds that people have been known to drown in, and probably our biggest hazard is the red cedar river - there's people that kayak and canoe in that river on every day basis, in the winter time students cross the river there when it's not frozen," said Cam Howie, Captain of the East Lansing Fire Department.
He also says the most difficult part of the training is it's only once a year.
He says its hard to build confidence in firefighters who aren't used to boats and water rescue.