Drivers split over lower speed limit on Cedar in Holt

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HOLT, MI (WILX) - There's a lot of changes happening on Cedar Street between Holt and Aurelius roads.

“The whole infrastructure and changes they made I think it’s all real good out here in Holt,” said Roger Weymouth, a local business owner.

From the construction of the new Quality Dairy to the Realize Cedar Project, developers are building-up downtown, as drivers slow down.

“I liked it better when it was 35 because 25 is kind of an awkward speed to go anyways,” said Shaniece Hurst.

“It's kind of slow to maintain and I just think that this area is too busy to have such a low speed limit.”

Some drivers say the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit feels more like a speed trap as it to 40 at the Cedar and Aurelius intersection.

“I've seen maybe three or four people get pulled over around that stretch of road,” said Andrew Gamet.

“I have seen people going a little bit too fast and pretty much twice I've been behind it when the cops have found them.”

Officials from the Delhi Downtown Development Authority is telling News 10 it's not a speed trap at all.

The lower limit is set to protect construction workers and will be evaluated for an increase once the work is complete.

Speed evaluations for downtown Holt are expected to take place in June.

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