Dozens injured because of turbulence

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NEW YORK, NY (WILX) - Dozens of passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight were injured when the plane encountered severe turbulence on its approach to JFK Airport Saturday night.

The Port Authority said that 29 people were hurt, but those injuries were not life-threatening.

Passengers who were on the flight described a range of injuries, including bloody noses and possible broken bones.

"It started, I was in the bathroom, so it started to go all the way down, so I fell down on the floor and I was all the way up to the ceiling. I was keep jumping, jumping up and down and I was looking for the door. I can't see the door, and I just unlock it and I came to my wife. My wife is pregnant and she fell down. I see she is on the floor," said Emdadul Haque who was a passenger on the plane.

Other area pilots had noted turbulence as well, and pilots at nearby Newark Airport were warning passengers to prepare for turbulence on flights about to depart.