Double murder suspect admits to 'taking mother from her daughters'

Published: May. 23, 2019 at 4:13 PM EDT
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News 10 is getting a glimpse into what a man charged with killing two women in Ingham County was thinking and feeling after the murders.

News 10's Carla Bayron got ahold of Kiernan Brown's case files from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

The notes include a statement Brown gave to his parole agent a few days after the murders where he admitted to taking a mother from her daughters.

Brown is charged in the deaths of Kaylee Ann Brock, 26, of Holt and Julie Ann Mooney, 32, of Williamston.

Police found their bodies May 10th in separate Lansing-area communities.

Brown was released on parole on March 2018 after serving time for a strangulation charge.

According to his case notes, his supervising agent reported Brown was complying with the orders of his parole. He was working, getting an education at Lansing Community College -- even making the President's List for his good grades. He was not drinking and there seemed to be no issues.

Every month, Brown reported that 'he was doing well.'

Up until May 2 when Brown was charged with violating his parole by being cruel to an animal and assaulting a woman in Eaton County.

Brown's agent became aware of the May 2nd incident on May 6th, when the Eaton County Sheriff's Office stated they had taken a complaint from the victim.

Brown's agent texted Brown who said that he was in a class all day and has finals. Brown also stated that he would report first thing on May 7th, if needed.

Chris Gautz, a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections said their Parole Absconder Unit began searching for Brown.

On May 7th, Brown's agent reached out to the victim to encourage her to contact him. A message indicated the phone was out of service.

On May 9th, Brown's agent texted Brown and asked him to surrender. Brown replied that he would turn himself into a mental institution for evaluation. He said he was stressed out over his break up with his girlfriend.

On May 10th, the day of the murders, Brown was charged with violating parole again by assaulting two people and possessing a knife and a hammer which was used as a weapon.

Authorities said Brown was arrested following a traffic stop early May 10th, on Interstate 69. Deputies said Brown showed them pictures of two deceased females with several cuts to their body.

After Brown signed his violation charges on May 13th, he wrote a statement at the bottom of the page:

"...I took a mother from her daughters. She didn't do anything wrong. She was just trying to help me. I tried to get help the past couple of months, they never called back and with my insurance things fell through. I don't know why I did what I did. I took like two boxes of blank [redacted] and something. It wasn't me.'

Police said Brown confessed to the crimes, however, he plead 'not guilty' at his arraignment last week.

Brown's parole would have ended on June 20th of this year.

He's due back in court May 30th for his preliminary exam which determines if there's enough evidence to send him to trial.

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