Court docs: Murder suspect had history of talking about killing, serial murder

Published: May. 13, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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News 10 has learned that records show that Kiernan Brown, 27, had been talking about serial murder for nearly a decade.

Brown is charged in the deaths of Kaylee Ann Brock, 26, of Holt and Julie Ann Mooney, 32, of Williamston.

News 10's Alani Letang dug into his past and discovered that records show a shocking history of Brown not only talking about killing people.

Court records show that in May of 2011 Brown engaged in self injuries with glass and had homicidal behavior.

He stated to a case worker that he wanted to be the best serial killer people have ever seen.

According to records, Brown even went as far as to look up pictures of serial killers on his phone, and have lengthy conversations about it.

At the time, records show that there was no plan or persons in mind.

A social worker petitioned for a medical treatment and it was determined that a hospital did not have enough to keep him in the facility involuntarily.

In 2012, Brown's step-father filed a personal protection order, or PPO, against him for stalking and threats.

That order was denied

In 2013, Brown was charged with three felonies: larceny from a motor vehicle, attempted larceny, and police officer assault and resisting.

He was sentenced to 300 days.

He then violated his probation in June 2014 and served 65 days.

Brown's probation was revoked in January 2015

Also in June 2014, Brown was arrested in Eaton County for police resist and obstruction.

He served 30 days.

He violated probation and served another 15 days to waive the fines and cost.

Another PPO was filed last Monday, four days before the double homicide by a current or former girlfriend and her child, that order was granted.

That same day, the woman filed a petition for mental health treatment.

She stated that Brown was verbally abusive, one time throwing her to the floor, dragging her to the bedroom, and threatening to kill her and her son who has autism.

The records show that Brown would grab steak knives to imitate an attack on them.

The woman also told police that Brown tried to kill her German Shepherd by kicking and throwing it.

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