Donations could be good for bottom-line

Charitable donations are not just good for your soul, they're good for your bottom-line.
Today's financial fitness February report is on how you can cut your tax bill with donations.
It's not automatic, and it's not dollar-for-dollar.
In fact, unless you have enough write-offs to cover the standard deduction, you won't get any savings.
But once you get past that mark, you can reduce your bill if you donate to a registered charity, and if you have a receipt to prove it.
"A charitable contribution can help you. especially for someone who itemized their deductions. You'll get a tax deduction based on your tax rates so if you donate $1,000 and your effect tax rate is 15 percent well that's going to be $150 that's going to be put back into your pocket," says A.J. Gross from ALG Tax Solutions.
Charitable donations aren't the only deductions available.
You can also write-off things like the cost of renewing your license plate, union dues, and in some cases medical expenses.
Check with a tax preparer to be sure.