Domino's Japan trains reindeer to deliver pizzas this winter

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Just in time for the start of the Holiday season reindeer will soon deliver pizzas in northern Japan.

Domino's is currently testing the idea in the cold, snowy region of Hokkaido. The pizza chain is trying to figure out whether to strap insulated pizza containers to the backs of reindeer or if they should pull a sleigh with pizza. Testers say if a reindeer runs properly, it can go as fast as 80 kilometers per hour and reindeer are especially fast on snow.

Domino's wants to ensure the safety of the animals by limiting the maximum weight they deliver. A GPS tracker would be placed on each reindeer to track its progress. The testing is currently being monitored by animal trainers and the trials are taking place on the grounds of a driving school.

Reindeer delivering pizzas is just one of many delivery methods tested by Domino's. In March, it unveiled a pizza delivery drone and before that, Domino's in Australia rolled out the pizza delivery robot.

Japan's meteorological agency is predicting harsh weather this winter, which means reindeer delivering pizzas could happen.

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