Dog missing for over 3 mos. found shivering under a porch

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INGHAM CO., Mich. (WILX) -- The Ingham County Sheriff's office got to reunite a dog and its owner on Wednesday.

They received a call and were dispatched to M52 near M36 in Stockbridge just after 9 in the morning.

The call was about a dog, outside, under a porch and the homeowner's couldn't get the dog out.

A deputy saw the dog under the porch covered in mud and dirt and shivering.

He coaxed the dog until it eventually came out.

It was a beagle named Clyde, he was hearing a collar with a tag on it.

While Clyde warmed up in the patrol car, the deputy called the owner and found out that Clyde had been missing since September of 2018.

The owner told the police that he had been searching for his dog for months.

Clyde got a police escort to his owner and they were happily reunited.