Dog dies after attack at dog park

Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 5:53 PM EDT
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A vicious attack at a local dog park. On Sunday, a DeWitt couple was walking their small dog at Padgett park when he was attacked by two other dogs.

News 10's Marcus Dash talked with his owner.

Every owner knows their dog's barks, yelps, and snarls and when Steve Curtis heard a high pitched shriek he knew his dog Murphy was in a lot of trouble and was calling for help.

"All I heard was my dog yelling and I turned around and there the other dog was on top of him. Just had his mouth around him," said Steve Curtis.

From the other end of Padgett park, another dog walker took notice of the sounds thinking it was just dogs playing.

"We heard the dogs screaming, we heard the owners screaming, and then the owner yelled her dog was dead," said Zane Nachazel.

Witnesses say he had been attacked by two pit bull mixed breed dogs. Curtis was doing everything he could to keep Murphy alive.

"He had a hole in his side and we had to keep the pressure on it, so the blood wouldn't come out," said Curtis.

According to witnesses, the blood was everywhere and some are scared because of what they saw.

"It was god awful, I honestly didn't sleep last night after I found out that dog passed away, this whole situation has been bothering me," said Nachazel.

Seven-year-old Murphy was put down due to several major injuries he suffered in the attack.

Curtis says he hopes DeWitt Township will take this tragedy and start regulating dog parks, like Soldan dog park in Lansing, which requires dog owners to have an electronic key fob. Regardless, he might've seen his last dog park

"I don't think I'll be going back to the dog park even with our two dogs, it's not worth it," said Curtis.