Documents shed light Lansing resource officer case

Published: Feb. 20, 2019 at 4:34 PM EST
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News 10 has obtained court documents shedding new light on the former Lansing police officer accused of sexual misconduct. We broke the story in September 2018.

The documents include the information detectives used to get an arrest warrant for Matthew Priebe.

News 10's Ann Emmerich spoke with one of the accusers Tuesday who said Priebe came on to her when he was a school resource officer at Lansing's Eastern High School.

The transcript from a court hearing shows two other women went to police after he put his hands on them.

According to the documents, police said the first victim was 16 years old when she started hanging out in Priebe's office at Eastern High during lunch.

Priebe gave her a business card with his cell phone number on it and asked the girl to call him, according to the documents.

She claims Priebe would often FaceTime her from his patrol car, one time showing her guns and money and another time undressing and showing off his tattoos.

The documents state that the girl said it got physical on May 30, 2018, when Priebe put his hand on her thigh in the patrol car and offered to kiss her.

She said she felt sick when she saw him the next day.

A second accuser said she was in Priebe's office in March 2018 when he stood over her, grabbed her hand and put it on his groin until she snatched her hand back.

The documents state that two months later, Priebe repeatedly tried to lift her dress high enough to almost see her underwear.

She pushed his hand away and told him she didn't like that. He responded with, "yeah, I see," according to the documents.

The third victim was 17 at the time of the alleged incidents. She spoke to News 10 anonymously in September 2018. She went public Tuesday night.

"Heartbreaking to know there were other victims out that there that I didn't know about," said Athziry Pilar.

Pilar said her first encounters with Priebe were normal but he later touched her inappropriately and tried to kiss her multiple times.

She said her education had to take a back seat so she could separate herself from him.

"I would ignore him, I know to try to avoid contact I did miss a lot of school; my attendance would probably prove that. There were really good teachers that did make sure I did graduate because I was not going to make it, not with how much school I missed and how much I was suffering mentally," said Pilar.