Dobies, Alexander face off for Jackson mayor

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JACKSON, MI (WILX) - Current Jackson Mayor, Derek Dobies, is up against candidate Jeromy Alexander in Tuesday's elections for the spot of Mayor.

Current Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies (L) will face off against Jeromy Alexander (R) in November. (WILX)

Dobies recently has proposed changes in Jackson addressing gun violence, including a $150,000 intervention program.

In August, Dobies also ran against Alexander and won with just over 1,000 votes.

Alexander, came in second with 568 votes.

Alexander told NEWS 10 that he has saved up more money during the primary to get the votes he needs now.

"It's just really walking and talking with a lot of people, having the primary and we had a couple other candidates that I didn't think would be able to fund themselves and I didn't want to use my donors to overpower somebody, so I really tried to be a little more lax in the primary", he explained.

"I want to just let the voters have the opportunity to figure out what they wanted and after the primary, it was clear that they wanted me and Derek to run against each other and so now its really just pulling out all the stops, and its given me the little benefit that I have that extra (money) that I didn't spend on the primary to come through strongly on this last week or two."

Mayor Dobies told NEWS 10 that the primary is in the past and that this is a whole new race.

"We're not taking anything for granted," he said. "We're continuing to knock on doors and make phone calls and communicate online and try to get our supporters and people that like our message of positive action, and continuing the change that we've been seeing in the community."

Voters are also choosing three city council seats.

You can follow the results of this election, along with the other races across mid-Michigan by clicking here.

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