Divers to search flooded McCain compartments

U.S. Navy Guided Missile Destroyer USS John S. McCain with a hole in its rear left side, in waters off Singapore, Photo Date: August 2017
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SINGAPORE (AP) -- The U.S. 7th Fleet says Navy and Marine Corps. divers have joined the search for 10 missing sailors and will access flooded compartments on the USS John S. McCain, which is docked at Singapore's Changi Naval Base.

It says the sea-based search by aircraft and ships from the U.S., Singapore and Malaysian navies will continue east of Singapore where the McCain and an oil tanker collided at daybreak Monday.

"Equipped with surface supplied air rigs, divers will access sealed compartments located in damaged parts of the ship," the 7th Fleet's statement says. "Additionally, they will conduct damage assessments of the hull and flooded areas."