UPDATE: Stadium worker who spit on pizza has no diseases

Published: Sep. 24, 2018 at 9:57 AM EDT
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Tests show that a food vendor at the Detroit Tigers' home stadium who was fired after video surfaced showing him spitting on a pizza that was apparently intended for a customer doesn't have any communicable diseases.

Authorities say 20-year-old Jaylon Kerley tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and hepatitis. Kerley is charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Kerley, a food service worker at Comerica Park has been charged after a video was posted online that appeared to show him spitting on a pizza intended for customers during a Tigers game on September 21.

Jaylon Kerley was arraigned Tuesday on felony and misdemeanor food law violations. The felony charge is punishable by up to four years behind bars.

His bond was set at 10 percent of $100,000. He also must be tested for infectious diseases.

An Oct. 10 preliminary examination is scheduled.

The video appeared on Instagram over the weekend after the game.

Officials determined the video was recorded the Friday before, when the Detroit Tigers were hosting the Kansas City Royals. Kerley was arrested Sunday and was fired. The video shows Kerley spitting on a pizza and then covering it with sauce.

Detroit Sportservice, which provides food service at the ballpark, says in a statement that it “immediately closed that food stand and disposed of all the product” when it found out. It says food safety is the “top priority” and that they will “take any appropriate action necessary to protect ... guests.”

The employee that posted the video is Quinelle May. News 10 has communicated with May through Instagram. He said that Kerley was having a bad day and said that he had done that to other pizzas in the past.

May says he tried to do the right thing by recording the incident and telling management what happened. He says on his Instagram account that he was sent home early on Friday. He shared the video and said, "his is disgusting! And for the company to threaten me and let me go for exposing this video to the fans is also disgusting!!"

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Tuesday that her office has been inundated with phone calls from the public asking if Kerley has certain infectious diseases.

Defense attorney Carla Marable says Kerley has autism and "understands that what he did was absolutely wrong and he's remorseful for his actions."