Detroit Archdiocese 'reclaims' Sunday as Holy Day by ceasing youth sports

DETROIT, MI (WILX) - The Detroit Catholic Church says they're trying to 'reclaim' Sunday as the Holy Day with a new policy to stop youth sports from playing on Sundays.

In a pastoral note online the Archbishop of Detroit, Allen H. Vigneron, announced kids playing in the Catholic High School League (CHSL) and Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) within the Detroit Archdiocese will take advantage of a Monday through Saturday sports schedule starting Fall 2019.

The policy has been in the works for two years. Beginning in June 2017, all seasonal meetings with Athletic Directors included notification of the upcoming change in policy.

The Archbishop said Sundays should be set aside for God-centered pursuits like mass, personal prayer, and bible studies, along with family-time.

This new policy by Archbishop Vigneron is only implemented for Catholic schools in the Detroit Archdiocese, but other dioceses and leagues have moved toward limiting sports on Sunday or encouraging coaches to schedule activities on other days.

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