Detecting ear infections, there's an app for that

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Parents may soon be able to use their phone to see if their child has an ear infection.
Researchers at the University of Washington have created an app that can detect if there is fluid behind the eardrum, which could lead to an ear infection.
A series of soft audible chirps will go through the ear by using a small paper funnel and the phone's microphone and speaker.
The way the chirps are reflected back to the phone would determine if fluid is present.
Scientists tested the app on 53 children and it correctly determined the likelihood of fluid 85% of the time.
The scientists say a quick screening at home could help parents decide if they need to take their child to the doctor's office.
The researchers plan on commercializing this technology and will then make it available to the public.
The research is from the University of Washington and is published in Science Translational Medicine.
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