Dept. of Labor releases positive jobs report

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NBC (WILX) - College seniors are graduating this weekend into a seemingly positive job market.

Employers added 263,000 jobs last month.

That's jobs added for a record 103 straight months.

The unemployment rate is at 3.6%, a 49-year low, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Companies added 76,000 business and professional jobs in April.

There was also strong hiring in construction and healthcare.

"Our country is doing well. It never probably has done as well as it's doing right now economically," said President Trump.

"I think the president deserves some credit for the better economic numbers. Certainly some of his policies have led to an up-shift in hiring and perhaps an up-shift in capital spending by businesses," said Steve Liesman, CNBC Senior Economics Correspondent.

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