Democrats at odds over abortion

Published: Jul. 27, 2019 at 6:25 AM EDT
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Democrats are at odds over abortion.

Democrats for Life is holding a pro-life conference this weekend in East Lansing.

Meanwhile, another group is calling them hypocritical.

"We're pro-life for the whole life so we believe that life begins in the womb and so that life is worthy of protection," said Kristen Day, Executive Director Of Democrats For Life.

"We really want to address abortion by providing women with real choice and whether that means, just the support, and there's a lot of centers out there that will provide diapers and clothing and housing and job training," said Day.

Progress Michigan is speaking out against the group calling their efforts an infringement on women's rights.

"Because of the Dems for Life platform and what they stand for, we really think its hypocritical because they claim to stand for things like freedom and access to healthcare. Abortion is healthcare and abortion is freedom. It's a decision that should be left between doctors and patients," said Sam Inglot, Progess Michigan Deputy Director.

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