Delta Township neighbors frustrated with flooding

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DELTA TOWNSHIP (WILX) -- Lake Willow is what people have named the flooded area just north of Willow Highway, however, even though they named it they're not exactly fond of it.

"We have to drain the swamp," said Ted Hanlon, who lives across from the flooded area.

"The water's progressively gotten worse, and this is the worst it's ever been," said Michelle Guild, another Willow Highway resident.

Neighbors say it's made itself known over the last four years.

They say it's not exactly an eyesore.

"I mean it is beautiful to have the water across the street like a lake front property," said Guild.

But it's becoming more of a chore than a charm; excess water is now spilling over into their yards.

"It keeps getting bigger, now it's a real pain," said Hanlon.

"It's very frustrating because we have no control," said Guild.

Both Guild and Hanlon say they've reached out to Delta Township and the Eaton County Drain Commission.

"They said there was no drain there so there's nothing they can do, well there's gotta be something someone can do," said Hanlon.

"They also recommended that I contact the owners," said Guild.

Eaton County's parcel map shows the 87-acre lot is owned by Unified Group, LLC.

Guild said she's sent emails and was told the landowners would have to petition the county drain commission to start the process of building a drain.

"At this point, it's just kind of at a sitting point, there's no resolution," she said. "It's basically going to be the owner's responsibility to do something with the field."

The Eaton County Drain Commission confirmed there is no drain in this area so it's up to the landowners.

News 10 out to a couple of organizations named "Unified Group, LLC," and did not hear back.

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