Dell advises people not to use 3rd party accessories after laptop explodes

Dell HQ RR1, Round Rock, Texas, Photo Date: 23 May 2010 - Cropped Photo: Eustress at Wikipedia / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
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You've heard countless complaints about cell phones and hoverboards giving off sparks, or catching fire when charging. But one woman watched as her laptop computer went up in smoke.

Denise Tautonico bought the Dell laptop as a Christmas gift for her daughter, who's in high school. She paid $533.00. Less than a year later it overheated, and ignited.

Tautonico said her daughter had been charging the computer for about an hour. "We heard a loud pop and some screaming so I went running in and the laptop was smoking, so I quickly unplugged it, ran it out the backdoor, and left it outside. It was very scary. And then to see the laptop smoking the way it was, it was frightening."

Tautonico contacted Dell and sent pictures of the damaged laptop. Her complaint was escalated to Dell's safety capture team. Since the laptop was less than a year old and still under warranty, Tautonico said she wanted a new device, not a refurbished one.

Dell said it was an isolated incident and made clear customer safety is of the utmost importance.

Eventually Dell gave Tautinico a new replacement with a one year extended warranty.

To prevent a similar situation from happening in your home, Dell says don't use third party accessories and be sure to keep the device out of any area that can get very hot.