Debate over medical marijuana heats up

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LANSING, MI (WILX) - As a solution to Michigan's medical marijuana shortage, some are proposing to let caregivers, those who grow small amounts of marijuana without licenses, to sell to dispensaries.

"This is about kids, elderly people, cancer patients that I see every day," said Jerry Millen, owner of Greenhouse of Walled Lake.

Those who filed a lawsuit say they'd like to see marijuana from caregivers move into licensed dispensaries for now.

"We're asking that the court allow those products at the licensed provisioning centers until the end of the year with the patients acknowledging they're buying an untested product by singing a waiver that the state required," said attorney Michelle Donovan.

Millen says they're a medical marijuana shortage in the state and taking caregivers out of the mix will only make it worse.

"The patients that come into my store will not be able to get the medicine they need because they do not have the inventory. They say they do, they don't," said Millen.

The caregivers would like to believe and would like people to believe there's not enough inventory. That's not true. I can speak for Green Peak we have thousands of pounds of tested flower," said Jeff Radway, CEO of Green Peak Innovations.