Deadly E.coli outbreak is over

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(WILX) - After nearly two months of investigation the Food and Drug Administration and Centers For Disease Control and Prevention say that the recent E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce appears to be over.

The CDC says there haven't been any new cases over the past few weeks.

The Canadian government declared its outbreak over earlier this month.

This past November and December at least 66 people in the U.S. and Canada got sick, 22 were hospitalized and two people died from the outbreak.

The FDA and CDC were not able to identify a specific type of leafy green, the location where it was grown or the supplier.

For that reason the agencies did not make any specific suggestions on what foods to avoid during the outbreak.

Earlier this month Consumer Reports urged everyone to stay away from romaine lettuce, but now it's saying romaine is okay to eat again.

Consumer Reports says it will continue to monitor the situation and the ongoing investigation.