Dan Gilbert launches no-fault auto insurance drive

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DETROIT, MI. (WILX) - Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans and a Detroit businessman is reportedly not waiting for a change to Michigan's No Fault Auto Insurance system.

That's what sources are telling the Detroit News this morning.

During the Lame Duck session last December, Gilbert talked about funding a ballot proposal.

The intent would be to change the No-Fault Insurance System if lawmakers don't make a change this year.

Right now, sources say Gilbert is putting together a petition drive. It's similar to the separate package of bills passed by the Republican-led House and Senate over the past few weeks.

He will need to collect 340,000 signatures within six months. Once those names are collected, the measure will go to the state legislature for a vote.

If the House and Senate approve it with a simple majority vote, it becomes law without the need for Governor Gretchen Whitmer's signature.

If that doesn't happen, the proposal would automatically go on the 2020 Fall ballot for voters to decide.

The governor's office tells the Detroit News progress was made in the past few days. That was in ongoing talks between top Republicans and the Democratic governor.

Governor Whitmer has vowed to veto both auto insurance reform plans that have already been sent to each chamber.

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